Parents Who are More Annoying Than Their Kids

Movie #15 of the year, How to Train Your Dragon.

Usually there’s no reason to see PG movies. They’re aimed at 6 – 10 year-olds and usually have an accompanying toy line and other movie tie-in merchandise, forming a synergy hold over the still developing minds of the target audience.
But then there was Pixar with its genius G and PG rated films, meaning that if I wanted to see their movies I’d risk entering a theater crowded with loud, wrestle-less, filthy children. It has since been known as the Pixar Problem.

Yet there has been a couple Dreamworks animated features that also score rave reviews prompting my interest to see them (Kung Fu Panda being the other one.) Yes, when Dreamworks animated features withhold on the pop culture references they actually can have decent stories; and I want to see them.

I was rooting for the dragons to eat some of the kids.

So on Sunday it was no different when I went into the theater and found it besieged with tots. There was the fidgety girl a few rows ahead who had sneakers with lights in them, meaning every time she twitched my eyes would be distracted by a blitzkrieg of flashes. Then there was the child who loudly worried aloud: “Uh-oh!” every time the screen went black in between the trailers and still couldn’t figure out that there was nothing to be worried about. If I were his parent I would worry about getting a tutor.

But the worst part of this movie going experience wasn’t the kids; it was their parents. The “Uh-oh” boy’s mother opted to tell him every single time that it was okay and the movie would be back, god forbid letting him figure this mystery out on his own.  But worse was the mother who was taking flash pictures of her child “at his first movie!” Multiple times brighter than those damn shoe lights, the camera flash temporally blinded me with the mother’s sugary praise of the child being the salt in my wound.

Fortunately it wasn’t long after the movie started that the kids became entranced with what was on the screen and their parents shut up and behaved themselves too.


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