Star Sightings at the Movies

Movie #18 of the year, Iron Man 2.

In Hollywood it’s not uncommon to spot actors and actresses (or “stars”) before even getting into the theater. There was the time I saw Heidi Klum, Seal and their kids leave the Pacific Theaters at the Grove having just seen Madagascar 2 (Heidi asked the kids if they liked the “move it move it.”) Or there was the time I spotted Luke Wilson and Laura Prepon at the Arclight, only for them to see through me as they walked by. And then there was the time when Jon Favreau and Robert Downey Jr. surprised the crowd by introducing Iron Man at the midnight screening of said movie.

This sounds cliche, but he looked shorter in person.

I’ve heard of other celebrities introducing their films as they premiered (Jason Segel at AMC Citywalk for Forgetting Sarah Marshall) but I was in complete shock when in 2008 both the star and director introduced the movie. I had a feeling it would happen again this year, so I went to the midnight screening of Iron Man 2 only this time I was wise enough to bring in my camera. And sure enough:

They showed up!


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