Switching Theaters

Movie #56 of the year, Paranormal Activity 2.
Whenever it’s a Friday night in October and a new horror movie opens, one can expect the theater to be fairly crowded if not full, which basically means if you plan on seeing it at a theater with unreserved seats you should probably get there a little early to ensure you’ll get decent seats. Last night Jeremy and I found ourselves moving a little slower, traffic a little bit heavier, and everyone else at the theater early. When we entered the Burbank theater I spotted  two seats in the furthest row back in the lower section on the left, not ideal but not the worst. As I held those, Jeremy went up the auditorium looking for seats that wouldn’t be a strain on our necks. His efforts were fruitless and when he sat in the seats I held for us, he immediately said he wasn’t going to sit there and watch a movie like this. He checked on his iPhone and found  another showing of Paranormal Activity 2 playing in 45 minutes at the sort-of-for-LA-nearby theater at the Americana. We went to customer service and refunded our tickets and were on our way to try for better seats.

Jeremy left the theater this quickly.

Our way to theater number two we drove a lot faster and more aggressive, but still arrived to the theater about the same time before the showtime as we did at the theater in Burbank. Expecting things to be no better (or worse) I braced myself at the thought of having to get another set of tickets refunded and a night gone to waste. Then we turned the corner and entered the theater and saw that most of the seats were empty. Gradually as the minutes ticked away until the showtime the auditorium filled up, and people had to resort to sitting in the “bad” seats in the closer rows, but not us; this time we had two middle row seats in the middle of the theater.


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