Weird Girl in the Lobby

Movie #5 of the year, The Way Back.

Every time Bruce and I make plans to see a movie it’s almost always a frantic race to get to our seats on time. The problem lies in that Bruce often fails to give himself extra time to get to the theater; sometimes traffic is to blame, sometimes it’s a challenge to find parking, and sometimes it’s because Bruce is hungry (in which two minutes before the movie starts I watch him scarf down half a pizza.)

Last night when I arrived 10 minutes before showtime I found myself waiting in the Arclight lobby wondering how close Bruce was going to make it. Suddenly a petite girl in all black (and looked a little lost) approached me and asked if I was waiting for someone. “Yes,” I replied. “Do you know where she is?” she asked. “It’s a he,” I stated. And then she walked away. And four minutes before show time he arrived.


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