Sitting Next to a MENSA Convict

Movie #8 of the year, The Adjustment Bureau.

One of the many wonderful things about living in LA is the abundance of free advance movie screenings every week. They often take place at times that would require you to skip work early, have a part-time job, or better yet not have a job at all, and in order to guarantee yourself a seat you have to arrive at the theater at least fifteen to twenty minutes before the suggested arrival time, which means you’re going to be waiting well over an hour. So while I’m currently in between gigs (unemployed) advanced movie screenings are an affordable way to kill time and help make up for the over $800 I spent on movie tickets last year.

Today’s advanced movie screening was in Woodland Hills and I arrived fortieth in line standing behind a guy in his 20s and fairly nicely dressed (collared shirt under a sweater.) As we waited naturally there was some conversation and come to find out he had been in jail (at the same time as his father) and still has more charges against him. When we headed into the theater he continued talking and mentioned that he has a high IQ and is in MENSA, which he also boasted to the cops as they raided his house. Sadly I don’t know what he was prouder of.


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