Baby at the Midnight Showing

Movie #22 of the year, Battle: Los Angeles.

Whenever there’s a major PG-13 movie opening that really targets the teenagers (or those of that mindset) it well undoubtedly mean that the theater will be swarming with the high school set who are loud, obnoxious and inconsiderate; they’re also like that when they’re not on yapping on their cell phones. Midnight shows are often a good alternative to see a movie on opening weekend while avoiding the younger ones as they often have curfews requiring them to be back home, because let’s face it: kids — whether they’re 6 or 16 — are annoying.

This time, as Jeremy and I sat to our seats, I noticed a woman at the front of the theater holding a baby! And the baby was sleeping! I knew that wouldn’t last, but fortunately the movie was so loud (even more so because we went to a ETX screening where they inexplicably charge $4 more a ticket to show a movie on a slightly bigger screener while deafening you) that if the baby did wake up screaming I didn’t hear it.


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