Baby at an R-Rated Slasher Movie

Movie number #35 of the year, Scream 4.

Having lived in LA for five years and having been to over 300 movies there I thought I had seen everything I possibly could in terms of terrible parenting at movie theaters: from kids running up and down the aisles with light up sneakers, to parents dragging minors and babies to late shows, as well as parents letting their kids talk on the phone during the movie. But in Dallas I’ve seen it all and more within a few films including bringing a baby into an R-Rated slasher film!

After getting a much needed reprieve from our demanding work schedule, my co-worker and I headed to the nearest multiplex to catch a movie and to enjoy a rare night away from our computers and work. We settled in our seats in the relatively empty theater and waited for the movie to begin, savoring each minute we weren’t thinking about work. Then, as the trailers began, a family entered the theater with a baby stroller in tow, and of course the baby was crying. The family also included a couple of toddlers who ran in circles around the front rows of the auditorium. Fortunately the toddlers got dizzy or maybe the baby’s crying became too unbearable for the parents and within the first ten minutes they abandoned hope of having an enjoyable night out the movies (like the rest of the audience did seeing the baby stroller roll in.) And like many of the characters in the film, the family went away — only they left alive.


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