Theater Employee in Need of a Review

Movie #38 of the year, Everything Must Go.

Sometimes it’s nice to go to the movies alone so that once the end credits roll I don’t have to worry about immediately forming a cohesive and coherent opinion about the film. I can think about the story, acting, direction, editing and how they worked or didn’t or I can just let it sit before having to give it a definitive thumbs up or thumbs down.

After the movie ended, and I walked out of the auditorium, I was stopped by a theater employee who wanted to know what I thought of the movie because she was debating on whether or not to watch it. It caught me off guard, as I was still forming my opinion about the movie myself. So I replied with non-opinionated descriptive sentences, “It’s not a comedy,” but there are “a couple small laughs,” and “Will Ferrell is in it.” Somewhere in there there was a vague recommendation. But if she were to ask me now I think I’d have a better opinion. Maybe.


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