Duplicate Trailer

Movie #53 of the year, Horrible Bosses.

Sometimes when it’s a late showing I’m not really in the mood to watch a bunch of trailers, just show me what I paid for. That’s how I felt the other night when Jeremy and I went to Burbank to catch a movie. Unaware that it was also Burbank’s Centennial, we literally walked into a crowd of crying babies, whiny kids, overweight parents, and slow as snail grandmas. Eventually we made it to the theater but the showtime we wanted was sold out with the next screening in 75 minutes. But Jeremy remembered the smaller, older theater just down the block with a showtime in 45 minutes so we rushed over there. After all that walking and rushing when we were seated we were ready to go, but then they started playing the trailers. And then they played a trailer for Crazy Stupid Love. And then they played it again.

The crowd’s reaction initially was laugher, then groaning and some mild complaining (especially once they realized we’d have to sit through the entire trailer again), while others surely didn’t mind seeing Ryan Gosling shirtless again and again. Jeremy just pointed out how there’s no black people in the movie (at least judging by the trailer.) And as much as I wanted the movie to start, I didn’t mind because now I’m twice as excited to see this movie.


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