Four Seats for the Price of Two

Movie #55 of the year, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2.

Jeremy and I braved Carmageddon and headed over to Arclight Sherman Oaks to catch the final Harry Potter movie (because Arclight Hollywood strangely wasn’t screening the movie.) By the time of our 11 o’clock screening it was clear that Carmageddon (or lack thereof) wasn’t going to be a delay, and in fact we were  actually going to Sherman Oaks faster than normal. Nonetheless we arrived early due to the craziness of Harry Potter fans. Jeremy picked up our tickets with pre-assigned seats and then I noticed that he was 25a and I was 22. That didn’t sound like they were next to each other… We checked with guest services and the attendant said that they were in fact next to each other.

We followed the stream of moviegoers into the theater, picking up our 3D glasses, and made it up to our row, only to discover we went up the wrong side and our seats were on the other end! We crossed the entire row and then found that there was a seat in between 25a and 22. Jeremy then left to visit guest services again to figure out what happened. Moments before the movie started Jeremy returned and explained that the theater’s system doesn’t display the seat in between us or the seat on the end, meaning that the four seats were ours! So just like the highways were supposed to be clogged with cars, our showtime was supposed to be sold out, yet the highway was wide open and we had plenty of room to sit through the movie!


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