Helpless Man in the Front

Movie #63 of the year, The Help.

I attended the early morning matinee for the latest book adaptation feature, which is usually code for over two hours long. And with any movie that long – regardless of quality – it’s typical to find oneself getting a little restless. Usually the fidgetiness is resolved by adjusting one’s posture or shifting in the seat or maybe even crossing one’s legs. For a (possibly homeless) man sitting in the front of the theater this meant standing up in the middle of the row for a good minute.

This guy was more annoying than her one-note character.

Maybe it was because we were watching a movie about tolerance and equality or maybe because everyone knew it would have been fruitless, but no one in the audience said a word to the gentleman who stood there square center of the row obstructing a good portion of the audience’s view of the screen. And maybe because nobody said anything he stood up again later in the film obnoxiously stretching his arms out as if he weren’t blocking enough of the screen already. Again no one even whispered an objection. I was left baffled both at the man and the silently tolerant audience.


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