First Time in the Arclight Cinerama Dome

Movie #79 of the year, The Ides of March.

My friends and I were eager to see the new George Clooney directed film starring Canadian Ryan Gosling. I had seen the play it was adapted from at the Geffen and was immensely thrilled with that, so my excitement for the film was even greater. Whenever there is a film that we’re anticipating by counting the days down until it is released that typically means a trip to the Arclight in Hollywood to ensure the highest quality viewing experience (and some caramel popcorn.)

This time the showtime that was selected happened to be for the screening in the Cinerama dome, which I’ve never been in before. The Cinerama dome is a gigantic 800 plus seat theater with an enormous curved screen, and, unlike the rest of the Arclight’s other theaters, it doesn’t have stadium seating, something that I didn’t take in consideration when selected our seats and in the end didn’t really matter. While seeing this dramatic feature on the even bigger dome screen was delightful I’m sure louder, more action oriented films would be better suited for the dome, or at least take advantage of the screen size and 44 surround sound speakers. Whatever the case, seeing a film, and a good one at that, in the dome was a neat experience, one which I anticipate doing again in the near future.


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