Back-Up Movie

Movie #107 of the year, Immortals.

Jeremy and I made plans to catch the two biggest holiday movies this week after I was finished with work — Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows and Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol. We saw the former yesterday, with plenty of seats available, so we for some reason — probably under the assumption that nobody was left in LA this close to Christmas — weren’t expecting the theater to be that crowded for Mission: Impossible. But it was.

The theater was this empty. 

Refusing to sit in the front two rows for the IMAX theater (the joys of reserved seating, you know exactly what you’re dealing with with seating for a popular movie) we instead purchased prime center seats for tomorrow’s showing. Yet our trip to Universal City couldn’t end so soon, not after paying for parking and driving all the way over there in rush hour traffic. Then Jeremy remembered he had passes so we used (or wasted) our time by seeing a movie that neither of us had yet to see: Immortals.

This was how we looked throughout the movie.

So instead of seeing a new movie, we saw a five weeks-old movie; instead sitting in a crowded theater, we sat in a nearly empty one; instead of experiencing a movie people would be talking about, we endured a movie people would forget about; and instead of being entertained immensely, we were mildly entertained during the scattered battle scenes. And thus the problem with seeing as many movies as I do; when there is an oversight and I’m left scrambling to see something other than what I intended, I end up with having to choose between Immortals and Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked.


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