Sitting Separately

Movie #12 of the year, 21 Jump Street.

Whenever it’s Friday night and Jeremy and I decide at the last minute to catch a movie it usually means going to a theater where there isn’t reserved seating and hoping that we get there early enough to find two decent seats together (because theaters with reserved seating are usually sold out / don’t have good seats open.) On this Friday night, however, the nearby theaters without reserved seating showed our chosen movie at times which would have meant delaying dinner until after the movie, if not sacrificing the meal altogether. Since our empty stomachs demanded otherwise, we were forced to go with the reserved seating at the Arclight Hollywood, which as predicted, didn’t have many seats open at our desired time. In fact, if we wanted to sit together our options were limited to third row or closer — which, to Jeremy, is not an option. Then I noticed that there were two seats together that were open — albeit one behind the other.  We selected those and went about our Friday night.

They’re sitting closer together than Jeremy and I were.

We arrived at the theater and sat in our separate rows, Jeremy behind me. While I’m used to be sandwiched between complete strangers whenever I go to the movies alone, it’s odd going to the theater on a date and not having my date next to me. No way to glance over at him during the movie to see if he’s enjoying it, or sharing a look after a funny moment, or guessing what will happen next. When the movie started and my mind got lost with  what was happening on screen I nearly forgot that Jeremy was even there — until  I heard his infectious laugh booming behind me. And then I remembered that I was on a date.


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