Seeing A Movie With My Boss and Co-Worker

Movie #16 of the year, The Hunger Games. After working several 12 hour days in a row, my fellow producers and I were rewarded with a rare day off in Dallas. We had a good brunch, shopped (they did), took a trip to the spa (they did) and overall spent the day relaxing. Since it was a Sunday night and since for some god forsaken reason (pun intended) no decent restaurants are open on Sunday past 8 if they’re open at all, we decided to spend our night off by going to the movies.

Whenever my co-workers and I are together on a rare day the last thing we want to talk about is work because we talk about work all the time when we’re working and we want to remind ourselves that there are other things going on in the world. However, given we’ve been entrenched in  our jobs for the past several months, including  several long days in a row, the topic of work is not always the easiest to avoid amid conversation.  First we loading up on food at the concession stand — popcorn, chicken tenders, smoothie and drinks galore. Once we were in our seat we mostly dissected the commercials / “First Look” segments playing on the screen before the show and recollecting the last time we went to the theaters (not that hard for me.) Then the theater began to fill up (including parents with their babies (that’s so Dallas,)) new movies were  previewed and all the thoughts about work were gone as the movie finally began. At least, until there was a line in the movie, when Katniss questions Haymitch  about his “star-crossed lovers” image he created, and he responses, “It’s a TV show!” The three of our minds were instantly sucked out of the movie, and reminded of the one thing we wanted to get our minds off of: work.


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