Bollywood Dance Performance Before the Movie

Movie #20 of the year, The Cabin in the Woods. Whenever I go to the Arclight Hollywood to see a movie with someone, unless I’m going with the person, I usually wind up getting to the theater early and waiting for whatever friend I’m seeing the movie with. Mostly it’s because I am coming from the west side, and regardless of what the traffic looks like when I  check it online, I always play it safe and overestimate how long it’ll take me to get there. Also, the friend I’m seeing the movie with is usually Bruce, who likes to arrive seconds before the showtime, so unless I’m risking showing up at the last minute, I’m waiting on him. I typically spend my time waiting browsing through the lobby store or standing out of the way in the lobby and occupy myself with my cellphone. But this weekend there was the tenth annual Indian Film Festival taking place and outside the theater a music village of sorts was set up. When I arrived there was a singer finishing up her last two songs, which despite the horrible acoustics outside, sounded pretty good. This was followed by a lively dance routine from an Bollywood-fusion dance team from UCLA, Nashaa. Although there were lampposts in the middle of their performing area they still managed to nail their choreographed routine.  As our showtime neared, I found myself checking the clock — and at the parking structure entrance for Bruce — actually hoping that Bruce would only show up until after they finished their impressive number.  And after the ten minute or so performance Bruce did show up, right on time, a couple minutes before the movie was supposed to start, completely unaware of the show before the show that he missed.


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