Loud Whispering Man

Movie #23 of the year, Headhunters.
Whenever going to the Landmark Theatres in the Westside Pavilion there’s an expectation that at least fifty-percent of the patrons in the auditorium will be senior citizens (and the majority of them Jewish.) On weekday mornings (or anytime before 7:00 PM) usually everyone else in the theater is over the age of fifty. And so it’s not of the ordinary to be sitting in a theater and hear some of the elderly movie watchers talk or whisper a little louder because of their deteriorating ability to hear (and the fact that they don’t care how loud they are because they’re old.) Today there was a married couple still a few years away from receiving Social Security benefits in the row in front of me who were definitely not deaf, and definitely not old enough to have an “I don’t give a damn” attitude, yet nonetheless whispered embarrassingly loud. Especially the husband.
It started during the trailers when the man innocently lost track of how many trailers we saw (four) and then while watching the trailer for Prometheus loudly whispered that he had never heard anything about that movie yet. Upon these initial loud whispers it was hard to tell if he was just dumb (and couldn’t count to four) and thus loud, or if he was just completely oblivious (and never heard of Prometheus) and thus loud. It continued throughout the movie, whenever he wanted to share his guess at was going to happen or boast that he was following the storyline he’d loudly speak softly to his wife right next to him, like a person talking on their cellphone unaware that they’re yelling into the device. And then his wife disappeared to the lobby or restroom he would tell her (and everyone within a five seat radius) what she missed, and she did the same for when he came back from wherever he went. Fortunately, the loud whispering couple wasn’t too distracting from enjoying what was going on screen because I could still read the subtitles to myself, silently.


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