Midnight Screening

Movie #25 of the year, The Avengers.As big of a movie-going fan as I am, it’s not too often that I find myself lining up for a movie’s first screening, which in this day and age of must-see blockbusters is typically a midnight screening. In fact, the last time I stayed up that late to see a movie  was in 2010 for Iron Man 2. It’s not due to any lack of movies worthy of such anticipation or not enjoying the experience of seeing a movie with other die-hard fans (It’s quite the contrary; seeing a movie with all the die-hard fans means no one in the rows ahead of you is going to be lighting up the theater with their cell-phone during the middle of the movie.) Really the excuses are much more lame: I am usually too busy working and don’t want to spend my entire Friday yawning through work. Plus I am so used to going to the movies on the weekends before noon (when it’s less crowded and tickets are ten dollars cheaper (upon typing that I realize it makes me sound like I’m elderly and Jewish)) that I don’t consider any other options. Also, it’s nice to talk with people about a movie, and if nobody else has seen it until after the weekend, what’s the advantage of seeing the movie 24-hours before anyone else?Knowing that Jeremy would want to see The Avengers  at midnight if he weren’t half-way across the country disconnected from society (and modern communication devices,) I opted to go see the movie at the midnight screening (or 12:15 AM screening) in his honor. Plus I’m temporarily unemployed, so why the hell not? It turned out to be a fun experience with everything from the insanely packed (and potential fire-hazard) lobby, to the halls leading to the auditorium filled with buzzing chatter (no one was in costumes this time,) to the sold-out theater that erupted with laughter and applause throughout the movie’s biggest moments, adding to not just the experience of seeing the movie, but to the movie itself. I just wish Jeremy were there to share (and contribute) to the night.


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