Kid in Pajamas

Movie #38 of the year, Rock of Ages.
This morning’s trip to the movies began with me entering the theater and taking the escalator down following a family of four. The mom was carrying the son, who had to be six (or very large for five) and much too old to be held. Then I noticed the son was wearing what looked to be pajamas, and upon seeing that the pajamas had footies, it was confirmed. Whatever his age — five or six — he shouldn’t be wearing pajamas (especially ones with footies) in public, let alone at the Century City mall. Now, if it were earlier in the morning I could see vaguely see how misguided parents could find this  acceptable, but it was after 11:00 AM! Still weirded out about this, I approached the ticket taker behind them expecting to hear that they’d be directed to Madagascar 3 since they had a little kid, but no, they were directed to theater one — Rock of Ages. But after seeing what their child was wearing I shouldn’t have been surprised, because in their world it’s appropriate to take your six year-old child in his pajamas to a PG-13 movie where music will be blasting for two hours and one of the lead characters becomes a stripper.
I’m just going to assume they were out-of-towners.


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