First Movie Since the Shooting

Movie #49 of the year, The Queen of Versailles.
Technically it’s the second movie since the Aurora shooting that I’ve seen, as the other night I went to the Arclight Hollywood’s 12:15 AM showing of The Dark Knight Rises, but we “only” heard about the tragic shooting when the credits started rolling. The Arclight was as crowded as it had ever been, and I actually was a little disappointed or surprised that there weren’t that many people dressed up or in costumes. Most simply chose a basic black T-shirt with the Batman logo on it. Not as many crazies out tonight, I thought. Our auditorium was enormous and full to capacity with eager fans. Our seats were in the third middle row and to the right, not perfect, but not bad either. After a rousing introduction by the usher the movie began, and over two and a half hours later, it ended.
Upon learning that there was a shooting, it was saddening and uncomfortable. Uncomfortable in the sense that the attack was so random and unpredictable. So senseless, and yet it’ll be one the news for days with talking heads trying to make sense out of illogical. What would have stopped something like that happening here? Naturally rather than show those feelings, I masked it with my dry Canadian humor, wondering if an attack  like this  were to happen, why during a Batman movie and not a maddening Twilight movie? But I guess the Twilight movies kind of do that on their own. Later reading and hearing the accounts of what happened — how the attacker came into the theater as a regular patron, propped the emergency exit door open, returned and caused hell — made me recount so many times when I’ve been at a theater and witnessed someone head out the hallway that lead to outside and not the lobby. Idiot, I would think, how hard is it to remember which way you came in? I know if I were at that Colorado theater the same thought would have crossed my mind, but now if I see someone start to head out the emergency exit, I’m sure a tiny bit of me will wonder — what is this person up to?
Cut to: Saturday morning, and the movie theater had a different feeling running through it from the previous night. When the usher introduced the film, there was an added line following the part saying how long the film ran for. “Thank you. Thank you for coming out and supporting the theaters.”  Then the movie began, about a billionaire family riding high until the recession hit, and seeing how unaware they are of just how lucky they were.


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