Woman Answers Phone Call

Movie #55 of the year, Hope Springs.
At most theaters right after all the trailers play there’s usually a message or a little clip reminding all the patrons to have the common sense courtesy of not answering or using their phones during the movie. Usually this reminder is ignored by all of the stupid teenagers whose attention spans last about fifteen minutes. But tonight in a theater with an average age for the audience was probably 45, this old woman next to me answered her phone which rang the second after the Finding Nemo turn off your cell phone reminder played.
I turned directly at her and gave the “Really?” look, because  newsflash: Just because your phone rings doesn’t mean you have to answer it. Anyway, with the music blaring, the woman covered her ears and loudly spoke into the phone, “Can I call you back tomorrow morning?” And then hangs up. What was the point of answering the phone to say you’ll call back? Is this how stupid everyone is now?


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