Passive-Aggressive Movie Watching

Movie #62 of the year, ParaNorman.
I flew across the entire country and then drove just over two hours to see Jeremy in Richmond, VA. Only when I arrived in Richmond, Jeremy was still in North Carolina. I arrived at 9 AM, the earliest time of my estimated time of arrival: “I’ll be there between 9 and 10 AM.” Despite telling Jeremy several times about this expected arrival time, Jeremy was still in another state, meaning I was going to have to wait until “around noon” for him and for the weekend to really begin. Naturally, I checked local showtimes for movies, but nothing started until around noon. Since the hotel check-in wasn’t until 3 PM, and I was exhausted from a red eye flight that my eyes open for most of the duration, I took a nap in my rental car in a Target parking lot. When I awoke, it was almost noon so I checked in for an ETA . “Not for another couple of hours,” he texted back. Frustrated that I had already waited three hours for him, I could not handle another two hours of nothing, so I headed to the movies, knowing that he’d probably arrive before the movie ended.
Once I was at the theater I received a text from Jeremy saying that he’d be there by 1:30 PM. The movie I wanted to see was starting at 12:30 PM, and — factoring in trailers — wouldn’t be over until around 2:15 PM. With the mentality of: I waited enough for him, he could wait on me, I purchased my ticket and passive-aggressively watched the movie.


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