Directors Introducing Their Movies

Movies #64 and #67 of the year, Hello I Must be Going and Liberal Arts.
Seeing movies in Los Angeles at The Landmark or Arclight theaters before the trailers roll, a theater employee introduces the film and reminds everyone to validate their parking. Since many directors, actors, producers or multi-hyphenates live in LA, they’ll take the opportunity to come out opening weekend and introduce their films and say something more beyond how long the film runs. Last week, director Todd Louiso introduced the film he directed, Hello I Must Be Going, but by introduce, I mean awkwardly stutter while holding petting his bald head. At first I thought he’s a director and prefers to be behind the scenes — then discovered he’s a character actor too. So then I was just confused as to how this was better than the usual spiel.
Tonight, before Liberal Arts, actor, director, writer and producer Josh Radnor made a surprise appearance to introduce his latest film. Being a sitcom star (How I Met Your Mother) he had better stage presence and actually looked at the crowd when he spoke. He also talked briefly about the film and concluded by encouraging everyone to spread the word (only if they liked it) since the film’s marketing budget is pretty much nonexistent. And with that I witnessed a how-to and how-not-to introduce your film.


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