Asked to Switch Seats

Movie #68 of the year, The Master.
The opening weekend of a major Oscar contender usually draws a crowd and remarkable per theater averages, which usually means sold-out shows. Tonight’s screening was no different, I even bought my tickets in advance, but out of the two seats between me, I was the first to arrive. Then an older, but not old, couple sat to my left, the wife right next to me. I vaguely could hear what she was saying because she was stuffing her mouth full of popcorn while she was talking and, at times, it sounded like she wasn’t even speaking English. Then the younger, but not young, couple sat to my right, the girlfriend right next to me. It turns out the lady on my left knew the woman on my right and so they started talking. Popcorn chewing lady starts talking about working on a project with one of the creators of Rizzoli & Isles, the TNT show that I could assume the woman on the right worked on. The two so engaged in their own little conversation that they were both leaning over my seat.

Imagine sitting between these two while they’re talking. That’s what it was like for me.

After the popcorn lady finished a mini-rant about how hard it is for the R&I creator being a woman with children writing a show about two women characters, the other woman looks at me and asks if I’m with popcorn lady. Popcorn lady assumes that I’m with the younger woman. At that point the woman asks if I could swap seats with her boyfriend and they’d sit next to each other — because apparently they’d only talk over someone like they weren’t there if they know that person.


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