Fainting Woman in the Row Behind Me

Movie #106 of the year, The Impossible.
TheImpossibleExactly halfway through the movie I felt someone’s shoe touch my left arm. I glance away from the screen and see indeed that the lady behind me is resting her foot on my arm rest in between the two seat heads. I tapped her foot as a signal to move it, but nothing happened. Then I hear behind me some shuffling, so I think it’s just some old lady getting up to go to the bathroom and she needs the extra help and footing. Then I hear, “Is she okay?” and look back and hear the lady’s male companion say she has fainted.
TheImpossible2By this time everyone in the theater has turned their attention to the real-life drama in the theater instead of the actors portraying the real-life drama on screen. A couple people rushed out to get a theater employee. Other people asked if they needed a doctor or any help, but the man insisted she was fine and had a pulse, she had simply fainted. An employee came in and the man asked for a wheelchair for the lady, who was now stretched out on her back across the three seats behind me. A moment later and they turned off the movie, explained the situation, turned on the lights, and assisted the lady to a wheelchair. After a few minutes the movie began again, a couple minutes before they cut it off, and we were back to enjoy the Hollywood recreation of drama that we paid to see.


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