Paid for Two Tickets Instead of One

Movie #5 of the year, Identity Thief.
Identity Thief PosterI’ve been living in St. Louis for almost a month now and have gotten used to the cold temperatures, lack of personal transportation (other than feet) and the fact that seeing movies here are so darn cheap: $6.50 before 5:30PM — and only $4.50 for matinees at AMC theaters. So today I journeyed an hour and twenty minutes before showtime to get to the AMC theater (by train and then a mile and a half on foot) and was confused when I paid $9.
ITStillI proceeded to the auditorium and saw that I was given two tickets, thus explaining the $9. I debated whether or not to go back and say something, but then I wondered did I say, “Two for Identity Thief” for some reason? And then the more I thought about it — I was tired from the journey to theater — I began to believe that for some reason I did ask for two tickets and so then I’d be embarrassed to go back and say something about the extra ticket. Either way — it’s cheaper than seeing a movie in LA.


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