The Worst Movie in the World

Movie #37 of the year, The Room.
The Room is notorious for being an absolutely terrible movie, yet it has a cult following of devotees who enjoy its badness so much that over the past ten years there has been constant midnight screenings.  Having never seen the movie, I joined Abby, Casey and friends and went to the sold-out midnight screening held for the tenth anniversary of The Room. On hand was the director, writer and star, Tommy Wiseau, as well as Greg Sestero who played the good looking friend/betrayer Mark, and Carolyn Minnott  who played the old lady Claudette. Fans were dressed up as Tommy, Mark and Denny, many of them passing footballs while waiting in line — and in the theater as people were being seated. Before the screening there was a ridiculously long Q&A with the three actors, as well as a vote for the best costumes. And then it began…
TheRoom1Every time the photo of a spoon or a spoon appeared on screen the auditorium roared, “Spoon” and plastic spoons were flung from front to back and back to front. “Water” and “Fire” were also chanted whenever one or the other appeared on screen. Most of the film’s ridiculous lines were followed with a line from the audience, many of them at the expense of Lisa. In the end it was a memorable experience, and probably the most bizarre moving going experience I’ve ever had, and I doubt it’ll ever be topped.


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