Director and Actor Q&A After the Movie

Movie #39 of the year, The East.
TheEastAs I was sitting in the theater watching Before Midnight, I received a text from Tim to join him for a screening of The East  with a special Q&A with the director and co-wroter, Zal Batmanglij and star Alexander Skarsgård. Since I wanted to see the movie I said yes, and so within a couple hours of seeing a movie, I was off to see yet another movie.
The East - 2While the movie wasn’t what I expected, and actually a little bit of a letdown because of all the hippie and far left cliches used, we stuck around for the Q and A.  During the discussion Zal explained and described the road trip experience he and co-writer/star Brit Marling had which heavily influenced the film it gave me a better appreciation for what they did. It was also neat to hear tidbits about the process of making the movie, which moments were scripted and which were improvised, like the spin the bottle sequence. As informative as it was, it still didn’t make me like the movie any better.


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