Loud Clapper

Movie #54 of the year, The Lone Ranger
Going to the movies in the morning is often a quieter experience; the crowd skews a little older, is usually still waking up, and they aren’t the die-hard fans because if they were eager to see the movie, they would have seen it the night (or two) before. Plus the theater usually isn’t as full and everyone is able to have their own space and keep to themselves. So when there are big moments in films the crowd’s reaction typically isn’t as roaring than premiere night. It appeared to be the same with the auditorium that I walked into; there were more gray-hairs than not  and more empty seats than occupied ones.
lone-ranger-super-bowlBut then, during the movie, there was an older gentleman sitting in the front of the middle section who wildly clapped the first time something funny happened. He applauded loudly throughout the entire two and a half hour movie whenever something funny happened or whenever the heroes were heroic, right up until the end credits. As annoying as it was, the clapping at least kept me awake the entire time.


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