No Trailers

Movie #65 of the year, Elysium.
Elysium-PosterSince movies have been opening earlier and earlier on Thursday nights, I’ve been more interested in seeing them on opening night than the traditional Friday night, which can be loud and crowded. Thursday night screenings are still sell-outs, especially Summer blockbusters, but the mood is less rowdy than a Friday night as almost everyone in the theater has work tomorrow. Sure enough, the theater was full with an eager audience and when 10:45 hit and passed with the lights still on and the AMC logo morphing in a continuous loop on screen there was almost a collective “WTF” from everyone who had to be at work in less than 12 hours.
Elysium-robotFive minutes passed and more and more people walked in the theater, but the lights still stayed bright. More whispers and grumbled came from the seats around us. I had been in this position before, and after ten minutes I expected someone to come in and explain the situation. Instead just more late-comers searching for their seats. And then twenty minutes later, the lights started to dim and the movie began, sans trailers. There were some complaints from the grumblers, but for the most everyone was ready for the movie to begin… saving us from the spoilers that the two and a half minute teasers use to entice to see something that we’ve essentially already seen.


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