Construction Noise

Movie #95 of the year:  Thor: The Dark World.
Thor 2 The Dark World
Century City mall is currently building a parking structure to add over 500 new parking spots. That structure happens to be right next to the AMC theaters, and the theater that Thor: The Dark World was playing in was in the front, right next to the construction. So, sporadically throughout the entire movie we’d hear drilling, sawing and banging — it was never loud enough to overpower the movie, but it was annoying. Fortunately the movie was loud enough that it drowned out the exterior noise, but during the few quiet moments there were, they were ruined by the construction clatter. Sadly the construction noise was not the worst thing about the movie experience. No, that belongs to the man who reeked of B.O. sitting three seats down from me, but smelt like he was right next to me. Ugh.


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