Guy Threatening to Beat Up Another Guy

Movie #5 of the year, The Lego Movie.
TheLegoMovieI went to a night time screening of the PG-rated movie because I thought it’d be safe from interruptions from loud, obnoxious kids that scream or belt out their thoughts that typically accompany earlier showings of  a family friendly movie. I was wrong.
lego-movieHalfway through the building blocks movie that is aimed toward younger movie goers a middle-aged man gets to his feet, turns around and shouts at another patron (slightly younger, probably in his 30s), telling him if he doesn’t shut up he’ll make him. And he wasn’t afraid to take it outside. Now the movie was loud, plus the practically full auditorium was booming with laughter so it seemed hard to hear if any were talking, let alone talking smack. But apparently that guy did. There was no response, mostly shock from everybody within the nearest three rows. Then the guy sat back down and everyone returned to enjoying the movie as if nothing happened. If this were a more conservative state, this story may have ended with somebody being shot, but fortunately that didn’t happen.


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