CinemaScore Review

Movie #54 of the year, What If.
WhatIfPosterIn all of my years of seeing over a hundred movies at the theater, whether I be in LA, Dallas, St. Louis, New York or D.C., I had never participated in a CinemaScore survey. Sure, I’ve gone to advance previews and filled out comment cards, but never  the official CinemaScore. But when I walked out of the movie I saw a crowd of our audience standing around and a couple of people with bags handing out the yellow cards and realized this was it.
CinemaScoreThe cards have six questions: Would you buy the movie you just saw on DVD or Blu-Ray? Would you rent the movie on DVD or Blu-Ray? What was the reason you saw the movie? What would you grade the movie? Male or Female? And which age bracket do you fall in?  It felt like being a Nielsen Household, knowing you’re providing a rating of sort, only one that is far less important and less known and will be unimportant after a week, but nonetheless I contributed because sometimes it’s fun to pretend like your opinions matter.


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