Forgetting My Wallet

Movie #70 of the year, Tracks.

I still remember the time I left my sunglasses in the theater — it was at the AMC Universal theaters at Universal Citywalk. I was with Casey and we just enjoyed Inglorious Basterds a couple weeks after its release. It wasn’t until we were at the base of the hill that I remembered I didn’t have my sunglasses, but at that distance it wasn’t worth the hassle of going back to get them.
TracksMovie2And now I nearly lost my wallet. How? Well, most of the time before a movie, I’ll take out my cell phone, keys and wallet and set them on the seat next to me or on the floor under the seat as it makes for a more comfortable viewing experience. This time after enjoying the two hours of walking through the western Australian desert with Mia Wasikowska I was ready to leave the theater, the Laemmle Royal theater with it’s cushy leather seats and absolutely no aisle space making the theater feel very confining. Needless to say as the credits rolled I was ready to get out of there and breathe. But when I stepped into the lobby and felt in my back pocket that my wallet wasn’t there. Fortunately I was able to dart back in and get it without anyone ever noticing. Whew!


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