Power Surge

Movie #85 of the year, St. Vincent.
St. VincentAbout forty-five minutes into the movie the screen went dark. The audio kept rolling for a minute, but then that stopped. The theater seemed darker than usual; something happened. Were we going to get to see the last hour of the movie? And then an employee stepped in and apologized for the interruption; there was a power surge.
StVincent1Almost instantly the theater lit up from cell phone screens as people looked to busy themselves or preoccupy their time they thought going to the movies would accomplish. The bright light made giant shadows on the darkened screen, and a girl in the front row danced around making shadow puppets out of her silhouette. From the back rows another couple made other shadow puppets, being entertaining enough that one old lady asked, “How much for the show?” And after about five minutes the screen came back on and the movie resumed abruptly.


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