Seeing a Movie While on the Clock

Movie #16 of the year, Cinderella.
CinderellaIt’s pretty much been known to everyone that I’ve been finished with the majority of my work since January and yet I wasn’t due to wrap until the end of March. In those weeks with minimal duties I’ve spent quite a bit of time helping my co-workers, chatting on google hangouts, browsing the internet, and going for long walks in the afternoon. But since it was my last week at work, and my coworker and I were particularly bored we decided we’d take an extra long-lunch and go see a movie.
CinderellaBallWe were supposed to go to the Arclight and see It Follows, but my co-worker watched the trailer and got too scared. So instead we opted for the closer El Capitan and saw a matinee screening of Cinderella, which wasn’t really on my list of movies to see, but I’m accommodating like that. By the time we returned, nearly three hours later, nobody commented on our long absence or showed any signs of realizing how long we were actually gone. Which only made me wish we snuck off to the movies more during my time there.


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