Movie Theater Still Under Construction

Movie #27 of the year, Avengers: Age of Ultron.
AvengersAgeofUltronWith the summer movie season kicking off that means plenty of Thursday night screenings for the biggest, must-see movies, starting with Avengers of course. But pure laziness happens and I was a little late on ordering tickets at our usual theater. I wasn’t too panicked, figuring we could just get tickets to a showtime they announce closer to the release date, but then I noticed a billboard announcing that the Arclight theater in Culver City was going to be open for the movie. And low and behold they had plenty of seats for an 8 o’clock showing. For a week we were happy, looking forward to having a much closer Arclight to us, but then when we showed up at 7:45 we were surprised to see all of the employees outside.

What do you mean the theater’s not ready?

I initially thought it was some sort of promotion for the newly opened theater, but then a couple of employees approached us asking if they could help. They informed us that the theater still under construction and wasn’t ready for the showings tonight, and that they’d refund our tickets. At first I thought it was a joke, but then I noticed that the doors were closed and covered with no one going in or out of them. In addition to the refund, they gave us two passes each and offered free concession food on the tables. Jeremy loaded up on Red Vines (ew), fruit snacks and Crunch candies, doing his best not to become an incredible Hulk. As we walked back to the car he loaded up Fandango and we checked showtimes and found two seats for the 9:30 showing that weren’t in the front five rows. We snatched those up and headed home with all our candy, having to wait another ninety minutes before what will be the biggest movie of the summer.


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