Funny Old Man

Movie #73 of the year, 99 Homes.
99 HomesI arrived fifteen minutes early for the movie, and found the middle four rows to be mostly empty, despite when purchasing my ticket those four rows were all filled. And of course, the end of the row seat that I took had people already there in the seats next to it, an older couple. As I sat down the old man tried to play a joke saying, “This seat is taken,” referring to my seat. I joked back, “Yeah, by me,” but I don’t think either of them heard, because a few seconds later his wife said, “Yeah, it’s taken by him,” (referring to me.) I smiled and laughed back and then the old man tried another joke saying, “They don’t turn off those lights” pointing to the lights above me. I smiled and replied, “Good, because I’m scared of the dark.”


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