Helping Underage Teens Get Into the Movie

Movie #81 of the year, Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension.
Paranormal Activity Ghost DimensionGrowing up in Michigan the movie theaters really didn’t care if you were under the suggested age limits for movies. I remember seeing plenty of R-rated movies without nice being asked for ID or having to wave at my mom in the car to come in and give her consent. Of course teens these days are annoying with their cell phones that they have to check every five minutes, so I actually don’t mind that they check IDs… except when they keep asking me for mine.
PA6Anyway, we arrived early to see the last Paranormal Activity movie and three teen girls asked if we could help them buy tickets. I had already bought ours ahead of time, and we had time so Jeremy said sure. Of course Jeremy was black and they were white, possibly Jewish, girls so the cashier said no bueno because the adult with them had to be a guardian. Jeremy persisted, talking to a manager and eventually they relented and the three girls all got their tickets. For safety we went up to the ticket taker with them and they got in no problem. And best of all they didn’t check their cellphones the entire time… something the stupid teen girl in front of me didn’t do.


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